Bros to pros: Seager brothers finding major league success

By April 12, 2016Kyle Seager

April 12, 2016 – 4:12pm EST- Jerry Crasnick –

Several years before Kyle Seager established himself as one of Major League Baseball’s elite third basemen with the Seattle Mariners, he was a jock for all seasons in his native North Carolina. The calendar flipped summer on the baseball diamond to fall on the soccer field to winter on the basketball court, where he spent most of his time launching jumpers from the perimeter and avoiding stray elbows in the lane.

During a high school Christmas tournament about a decade ago, Seager and the Northwest Cabarrus Trojans crossed paths with the Charlotte Christian Knights and a spindly guard with dazzling shooting and ballhandling skills.

“He won’t remember me as much as I remember him, let’s put it that way,” Seager says. “He kept going further and further away from the basket, and I kept thinking I was doing a good job of defense making him shoot that far away, and he kept making them and they beat us pretty handily.

“I guarded Steph Curry in high school. That’s my claim to fame.”

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