Chipper Jones’ last All-Star game was perfect from his humble pregame speech to his modest single

By July 11, 2012Chipper Jones

By Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports | 4:26 a.m. CDT, July 11, 2012

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The last Superstation superstar walked toward the batter’s box, and “Crazy Train” seared through the speakers at Kauffman Stadium. Everyone here wanted to make sure Chipper Jones’ night was faultless down to the finest detail, including the walkup music he uses with the Atlanta Braves. Perfection wasn’t too much to ask for his final All-Star game.

Chipper Jones is 40. This remains difficult to believe for his peers, the majority of whom grew up watching him on TBS before televisions and computers could beam in every baseball game being played. The Superstation was one of baseball’s greatest inventions, late and lamented, because it turned ballplayers like Jones into generational icons. His game was so pure, his name so perfect – Chipper Jones, he of the gorgeous left-handed swing and almost mirror image from the right, of the yo-yoing between third base and the outfield, of one World Series won and too many more lost, of a career now in its twilight and a pair of eyes suddenly welling up at that thought.

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