Chipper, longtime friend and agent reminisce Abbott recalls days when Jones would pretend to be in Majors

By May 10, 2012Chipper Jones

By Mark Bowman / | 05/10/12 5:00 PM ET

ATLANTA — As Chipper Jones was announcing this will be his final season, he channeled fictional character Rod Tidwell and evoked memories from one of the final scenes of the hit film “Jerry Maguire.”

Well, unlike the Tidwell character, he did not necessarily refer to his agent as his “Ambassador of Kwan.” But genuine sincerity was displayed when Jones attempted to hold back tears as he thanks his agent, B.B. Abbott, for being with him through a journey that dates back to their childhood days.

“Probably my best friend in the world, B.B.; I can’t tell you how many times B.B. and I would sit out in the backyard and rehearse everything that has happened in the past 20-something years out here on this field,” Jones said as he announced his retirement last month. “We’ve come a long way. We’ve both lived out our dreams, and little did we know we’d be hand and hand in doing so.”

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