Chris Sale a valuable asset even when he’s not pitching

By April 19, 2017Chris Sale

Peter Abraham, Boston Globe, April 19, 2017

Chris Sale and Matt Barnes were among the last players to leave the Red Sox clubhouse after Saturday’s 2-1 victory against Tampa Bay. Sale allowed one run over seven innings before Barnes worked a scoreless eighth inning.

As they rehashed the game, Barnes mentioned that he walked two batters because he was unable to get a good grip on the ball in the windy conditions.

Sale empathized with Barnes and the two sat together for several minutes discussing the game.

It was just a small thing, two pitchers discussing their craft. But it was an example of how a pitcher like Sale can be valuable even when he’s not on the mound.

“He was in the bullpen before he became a starter,” said Barnes. “He gets it. There’s a lot to learn from somebody like that. His mentality is something you want to emulate.”

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Sale’s attitude is similar to the way Jon Lester went about his business, and it’s something the Red Sox have been missing since the ill-fated trade of Lester in 2014.

Like Lester, Sale makes no excuses and accepts only winning. He shows up at the park to work.

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