New York Mets to Honor Chipper Jones: Is Celebrating Rival Classy or Spineless?

By April 12, 2012Chipper Jones

By Robert Knapel – Bleacher Report – April 12, 2012

Throughout his career, Chipper Jones has absolutely owned the New York Mets. He has been a pain in the Mets’ side for a number of years, and his production against the team has been outstanding. It is hard to think of a player more respected and hated by Mets fans.

So, it was certainly a bit curious that the Mets announced that they will be honoring Jones this year. Andy Martino of the Daily News has noted that the celebration will not be an on-the-field ceremony. However, it is not the Mets that should be doing something to celebrate Jones.

Jones has had a career that deserves to be celebrated, but the team that should have a ceremony for him is the Atlanta Braves and not the New York Mets. It is fine if Mets fans want to do something, but the team should not be the one to set this up.

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