I am the founder and owner of Jet Sports Management. In 1999, after practicing law for 4 years in the areas of contract litigation, contract negotiation and dispute resolution with the nation’s 15th largest firm, I formed Jet Sports Management with a specific goal in mind: to offer a fresh, innovative approach in the baseball representation arena. My goal was to operate as a boutique, baseball only firm centered around relationships, family values and the best representation available.

Centered around our goals is a commitment to the ideal of discovering the best possible direction for each client and his family. Being an attorney, I understand the importance of client relationships, and I also realize that each client’s career must be managed with individualized goals in mind. Every step our company has taken is with this principle at the forefront. Jet Sports Management will always be operated to ethically serve our clients’ interests, while at the same time providing the best legal, financial and agent services available in an environment where our clients and their families are involved every step of the way.

From bringing on the right people as partners to making sure we keep our firm at a size where we can keep our clients and families engaged, everything we do at Jet Sports Management is with a commitment to caring about our clients’ futures, in and out of sports. I give my word that Jet Sports Management will always do what is right for our clients and their families, not ourselves. I am proud and honored to introduce you to Jet Sports Management, a company with a respect and appreciation for service, family and hard work.